Creative Soul Healing Podcast

Episode 43 Featuring Leonie Dawson

September 16, 2020 Larissa Russell Season 1 Episode 43
Creative Soul Healing Podcast
Episode 43 Featuring Leonie Dawson
Show Notes

 Note: This interview is not for the faint of heart. There is swearing, we talk Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and about LGBT+ youth suicides. Plus we finished up by talking about being on the autism spectrum...We also talk about creativity and healing amongst all that. And, there is also a lot of laughter.

Do you revenge donate? I love this idea. Someone speaking out against something you support, donate to a cause in their name. Make sure to send them the receipt.

Leonie mentions a show “Further Back in Time for Dinner” 

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Leonie Dawson is a teacher, mentor and inspirer, helping highly sensitive oddballs (just like her!) discover their big glorious dreams, feel less alone and change the world!

She is world-renowned for her internationally best-selling ‘Create Your Shining Year Workbooks’ which have been helping women create the vision and map out the plan for the dream lives for over 10 years now.

Leonie generated over 7 million (make that 10) in revenue, all while working part time hours, being a hippie weirdo and spending lots of time enjoying life with her two daughters and husband in the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Find her at :

Instagram: @leoniedawson

Facebook: @leoniedawson


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